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  • Functional Nanomaterials including 2D metal di-chalcogenides, Graphene, Carbon nanotubes.
  • Solar Cells, Solar Fuel Cells, Field effect transistors.
  • Nanofabrication: electron beam lithography, photolithography.
  • Raman spectroscopy, AFM, XPS/UPS, Impedance spectroscopy.
  • Electrochemistry, Photo-electrochemistry, Thin film Semiconductors
Professional Highlights
  • Over Eight years of experience in developing advanced materials/advanced functional materials, nanomaterials and semiconductors using advanced tools in class 100 clean rooms.
  • Over three years Postdoctoral experience and contributed to setup advanced materials laboratory and nanomaterials synthesis laboratory at the Department of Materials Science and engineering, University of North Texas (UNT). Worked on several advanced research fields of “2D semiconductor/graphene nano-hybrid interface as a novel photodetectors”, “Bi-functional mechanism in degradation of toxic water pollutants by catalytic amorphous metals”, “Highly conducting nanocomposite thin-films for deeply scaled interconnects”, “Electrocatalytic thin films for solar cell applications”, and “Syhtesis and characterizations of nanoparticles for fuel cell”.
  • Extensive research and teaching expertise encompassing materials science, Nanotechnology, Ceramic Technology, Metallurgy, semiconductor processing, ceramics (oxide/non-oxide materials), electron microscopies, spectroscopies, atomic force microscopies, chemical vapor deposition, Micro/Nano-fabrication, electrochemistry, catalysis, electrocatalysis, advanced materials processing and characterizations, solar-cells, thermodynamics, solid state physics.
  • Passionate about executing new research ideas, data analysis, publishing research articles(h-index: 12; Total Citations: 611).  To date delivered 4 patents2 book/book chapters1 invited reviewmore than 40 peer reviewed journal articles9 conference proceeding, over 30 presentations in international conferences and 8 invited talk. More details on publications is available in this web link:


DEC 3, 2013

Measurement of graphene substrates adhesion energy using nano-scratch study